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40 years of

Precision Engineering

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Company Overview

Inovic Engineering Solutions is part of Kaygee Engineering Group with more than four decades of experience in precision manufacturing. Over the years, the company has gone through mass production learning and has designed, developed and produced various precision components and assemblies for leading manufacturers in the Automobile and Aerospace Industries. Since 6 years, Inovic has also started manufacturing precision tooling systems, along with Jig & Fixtures for various industrial applications.

The vast expertise garnered to design and manufacture products with a synergetic structure drove the development of Precision Work Holding Systems.


Inovic has the expertise to custom design, develop and manufacture innovative work holding systems for your production and automation requirements. Our specialized know-how can help boost your production with higher precision quality and profitability. 


Importance of Precision Work Holding Systems

While selecting a work holding system, the method of holding a part is as crucial as the way in which it is cut. In other words, how a part will be cut often depends on how it is held. 


An efficient manufacturing process requires good machine selection, proper cutting tools and the right work holding. The first two areas typically receive substantial consideration but work holding is often overlooked. The right work holding selection can increase manufacturing process stability, efficiency and safety. 


Work holding requirement can be affected by many factors including the material being cut, critical tolerance requirement, workpiece shape and dimensions, and frequency of changeover.


Quick change collet chucks is the solution for shorter runs.

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