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Collet Changing Fixtures

Collet changing fixture is a manual and easy to use tool which enables collets to be changed in less than a minute.

Insert the steel pins into the collet face and rotate the wheel  clockwise to collapse the collet. Once the collet is positioned within the chuck body, rotate the wheel anti-clockwise to expand and release the collet.

Available in three sizes ( TCT – 50 , TCT – 60 , TCT – 100 ).



A standard end-stop is used for accurate z-axis positioning of short work pieces. Additional end-stop extensions are  mounted on standard end-stops suitable for the workpiece.

A depth end-stop has a greater throat depth enabling longer shafts to be inserted resulting in minimal protrusion beyond the collet face.

A front end-stop is mounted on top of the chuck face where resting face is ahead of the clamping area.


All end-stops are located against a shoulder within the chuck body and are held in place with radially located screws.

Base Plates

Base plates (Spindle flanges) offer the flexibility to mount collet chucks to a wider range of spindles – Larger chuck with a smaller spindle nose or a smaller chuck with a larger spindle nose.


All base plates are hardened  to 60-61 HRC  and precision ground with overall  accuracy < 0.005mm

Base plates are available for all chuck sizes and suitable for different spindle nose sizes from A25, A26, A28 and A211.


Collet Boring Fixtures

Toughened collets are designed to be machined in by the customer to accommodate special sizes, shapes & counter bores.

Boring fixture is basically a retaining ring with pins, which holds the collet segments firmly in place and puts the collet under slight compression to ensure accuracy and roundness during machining.

Available for collet sizes TCT - 50 & TCT - 60.

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