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At Inovic, a team of experienced engineers ensure all factors are considered in finding the most suitable work holding system for a specific application thus optimising the manufacturing process. Replacing standard push type steel collet systems with special polymerised rubber collet systems, we offer you flexible and customised solutions Made in India.

Inovic provides a wide spectrum of standard and customised solutions. Our NAVI,EVA Mandrel, IKRAN NAVI and IKRAN EVA range of sealed Pull-Back compact chucks with high accuracy can improve throughput and part quality in operations on CNC Turning Centers, Machining Centers, Turn Mill Centers and Indexing Table machines. The range is based on maximum work piece diameter and the size of the spindle nose.

The NAVI,EVA Mandrel,IKRAN NAVI and IKRAN EVA work holding systems, along with precision clamping heads and bushings offers various advantages with distinct features in comparison over conventional collet chucks with spring steel colletsand Bushings.

Our Product Range

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