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Clamping Head | Quick Change Collets

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The clamping heads from Inovic are based on the Rubber Flex principle, integrated by precision-hardened alloy steel segments held firmly by a polymer. This results in minimal wear and tear during machining. The development of the clamping head is derived from a combination of steel & polymer in conjunction with polymerisation, perfected over numerous trials and experience.

The clamping heads have a changeover time of under a minute using our Collet Changing Fixture (CCF).

Collets are available in various configurations

for all types of applications

  • Smooth bore collets are typically suited for second operation work to protect finished machining.

  • Serrated bore collets are typically suited for first operation work and heavy duty machining.

  • Collets are precision ground to size with total system accuracy < 0.015 mm.

  • Polymer between collet segments provide excellent sealing as well as vibration dampening.

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