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EVA Mandrel Series

The EVA Mandrel work-holding system is designed for ID Clamping on CNC Turning Machines, Turn-mill Center and Grinding machines with a power chucking system.

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  • Power Actuated

  • Mandrel suitable for all standard spindle

  • Flange sizes


  • Maximum flexibility

  • Rigid and sturdy clamping of the workpiece due to axial tension against the workpiece endstop

  • Ideal for blind bores

  • Concentricity accuracy <0.01 mm

  • Short Clamping lengths

  • Clamping range Ø15 to Ø130

  • Vibration dampening due to polymer


The Segmented Bushings

The segmented bushings from Inovic consist of a combination of case-hardened steel and a high-tech polymer. Each element is tailor-made and precisely machined to your exact specifications, demands and can be easily adapted. This results in high precision, increased workspace flexibility and reduced lead time. All contact surfaces are completely ground in one operation thus guaranteeing optimum concentricity.


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“We are into the mass production of gear blanks & shafts for the two – wheeler industry. We shifted to the INOVIC NAVI – 60 Combi pull- back chucks in February 2018 for our turn milling, drilling, tapping & boring operations. Since then, we have been getting higher accuracy consistently. The quick change over time & reduced burr clogging has increased our efficiency and profitability. Also no skilled labour is required to do the task.”

- Mr. Rajesh Kothari, Vardhaman Auto Comp Pvt. Ltd.

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